It’s a patented natural Technology that incorporates plant-based odor eliminators, found in nature and used in cosmetic and personal care products. CLEANAIR™ technology reacts with the worst smelling elements like smoke, garbage, body odor, cooking smells, bathroom odor (even skunk), eliminating them, on-contact.

Other products add strong fragrances to cover-up bad odor, use corn based ingredients that adsorb odor (but can release it with heat or moisture) or contain enzymes (which are slow acting). CLEANAIR™ eliminates odor immediately to restore freshness on fabric and in the air.

Natural Killers Odor Eliminator

Why Nk Cleanair is best?

  • No aerosol
  • No alcohol
  • No parabens
  • No phthalates
  • No formaldehyde
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • Not tested on animals
    (only stinky humans)

Works immediately and permanently eliminates odor, on-contact.


Reacts with the worst odors removing them from your environment.


Made from Plants. Natural, Renewable, sustainable. Works with Water.


CLEANAIR™ was developed by a leading scientist in the field with over thirty five years experience developing technologies for the largest companies in the world. Our products have been tested by third-party labs for efficacy and comparable testing against similar products with incredible results.

Our experience and scientific knowledge help drive further innovation to address consumer needs. Most importantly, Clean Air Technology is plant-based and is made from renewable and sustainable ingredients that help keep the Earth safe.


Third Party assesment by Bureau Veritas and SGS conclude
these products are safe.

Natural Killers


Delivers Long Lasting Freshness, Odor elimination with a Microencapsulation technology: 5 micron size, no effect on hand and not visible. Billions of microcapsules (typical item). Activated by Touch, Friction or Motion.




Wipe Out Before Or After Spray is the only Spray of its kind. We all know from experience that there is not always time to give it a Spray in the toilet, so we decided to create the Only Before or After Toilet Spray that is powered by Clean Air Odor Eliminating Technology.

United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after passenger gets stuck in bathroom

If the person had a Wipe Out Toilet Spray the flight wouldnt have to be diverted.!!

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