Air Odor Eliminating

Wipe Out Before Or After Spray is the only Spray of its kind. We all know from experience that there is not always time to give it a Spray in the toilet, so we decided to create the Only Before or After Toilet Spray that is powered by Clean Air Odor Eliminating Technology.

Before Or After Spray


If you forgot to and didnt have time to Spray, you may have a Smelly problem in your toilet. Now with our Wipe Out Before Or After Spray you have nothing to worry about. Instead of spraying in the toilet before hand you can simply give a couple of sprays into the air and the problem is gone.



Wipe Out Before Or After Toilet Spray is the perfect solution for any bathroom. Simple give a couple of Sprays before going to the Toilet and problem solved, if you are like many of us who forget to Spray before hand we have your solution. Anytime and any place is our Motto, with our Plant based Odor Eliminating Technology you are covered at anytime and any place.